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Guided Meditation

You Are Water
Deep and Quick Relaxation
Short Sleep - Take a Nap
Guided Relaxing Beach Walk Meditation For Anxiety
Relaxing and Cultivating Forgiveness
Balancing - Activate Chakras
Visualisation Meditation
Corona Virus Anxiety
Your Origin Story
Imposter Syndrome Meditation
Candle Relaxation for Deep Visualization
Quick Meditation for Busy People
Deep Sleep Guided Meditation
Body Scan Meditation
Deep Sleep Relaxation and Stress Relief
Loving Kindness
Crystal Mountain
Mantra Meditation
Get Rid of Nightmares for Deep Sleep
Waffles Sleep Story
Healthy and Deep Sleep Relaxation
Hot Water Relaxation in the Mountains
Relax and Release Stress
Meditation for Anxiety Relief
Mindfulness and Abundance
Meditation to Overcome Perfectionism
Growing Positiveness
Breathing In Presence and Mindfulness
Anxiety Relief Meditation
Peaceful Walking in Vast Meadow
Calming Color Relaxation
Morning Meditation
Body Scan and Deep Sleep
Stop Comparing Meditation
Lions Courage
Meet Your Future Self
Body Scan for Cleansing and Relaxing
Walking on the Clouds
Anxiety Relief Meditation
Boosting Resilience Meditation
Spirit Guides
Wealth And Prosperity Focus
Balance and Focus Meditation
Ease Anxiety and Stress
Beach Visualization for Deep Sleep
Stretching for For Sleep
Paradise Point
Mental Health Help
Highest Desire
Releasing Tension
From Suffering to Self Love
Focus and productivity 16hz with surf
Deep Breathing and Relaxation
Golden Ocean
Calming Anxiety Meditation
Yawn and Stretch Relaxation
Reclaiming Emotions Meditation

Binaural Beats

Happy Babies - Theta 6hz
Concentration builder - Beta 16hz
Super Relaxing - Alpha 12hz
Memory visualization - Alpha 12.3hz
Super Sleep music - Theta 7hz
Moving silence - Beta 35hz
Outer peace - Alpha 10hz
Grounded Meditation -Alpha 11hz
Feel good-Alpha 12hz
Study smart - Beta 16hz
No more stress - 9hz
Get Relaxed - Alpha 10hz
Relax pets - Theta 6hz
Feeling of Wellbeing - Delta 1hz
Awake state - Alpha 11hz
Problem solving - Theta 5Hz
Anti-anxiety - Theta 7hz
Attract luck in life - Beta 21hz
Healthy happiness- Alpha 12hz
No more stress - Alpha 8hz - 8.6hz
Raise your energy - Alpha 11hz
Path to Serenity - Delta 741hz
Super Meditation Alpha 12hz
Positive Attitude - Alpha 10hz
Awesome Attitude - Alpha 11hz
Love in couples- Theta 5hz
Focused massage - Alpha 10hz
Total positive energy - Alpha 11hz
Relaxing-Alpha 12hz
Attract luck - Beta 20hz
Restorative sleep - Delta 1-3hz
Creative Visualizations - Theta 6hz
Build inner peace - Alpha 12h
Lucid Alchemy - 639hz
Mega meditation - Alpha 12hz
Release Happiness - Alpha 10hz
Peace of mind - Beta 20hz - 40 Hz
Good vibes - Alpha 12hz
Raise positive energy - Alpha 11hz
Cleanse negative blocks - Delta 3hz
Calm and relaxing - Alpha 9hz
Super Sleep - Theta 6hz
Music for massage - Alpha 10hz
Stress reduction - Delta 9hz
Stress release - Gamma 20hz - 40hz
Attract wealth - Beta 21hz
Anxiety help - Delta 1.5hz
Headache relief - (Delta 0.5hz
Attract your soulmate - Theta 5hz
Restful sleep - Delta 3.4hz
Body regeneration - Delta 1hz
Happy vibes - Alpha 12hz
Euphoria - 0.9hz
Emotional spectrum - Gamma 72hz
Let go of fear - Delta 2hz
Better memory - Beta 17hz
Personal peace - Alpha 9hz
Inner peace - Alpha 9hz
Meditation retreat - Theta 5.35hz
Powerful prosperity - Beta 20hz
Outer peace - Alpha 11hz
Positive forces- Alpha 10hz
High level information processing- Gamma 40hz
Beauty and love around you - Theta 7hz
Induced relaxation - Theta 4.9hz
Facilitating change - Alpha 417hz
Incredibly deep sleep - Theta 7hz
Cleanse Self Doubt - Delta 2hz
Perfect massage - Alpha 11hz
Vivid Visualization - Alpha 12.3hz
Mindful Meditation - Alpha 12hz
Harmony in family - Theta 3hz
Clearing your subconscious negativity - Delta 1hz
Anxiety Relief - Delta 1.5hz
Attract money - Beta 17hz
Illuminous action - Gamma 62hz
Concentration and focus - Beta 14hz
Stress relief - Delta 2hz
Liberation from guilt and fear - Delta 396hz
Stress eraser - Alpha 10hz
Enhanced vigor - Beta 32Hz
Build happiness - Alpha 11hz
Finding purpose - Alpha 528hz
Awake! - Beta 38hz
Improve memory - Beta 17hz Pacific Forest
Emotional healing - Theta 4 Hz - 7hz
Powerful Sleep - Theta 5hz
Mental stability - Alpha 12hz
Cosmic Mantra - Gamma - 55hz

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